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中文和合本聖經 King James Version Basic English Version (含strong number)中文和合本 簡體聖經 有聲聖經

民數記 第二十一章

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total: 35 利未記 申命記

  1. [big5] 住南地的迦南人亞拉得王,聽說以色列人從亞他林路來,就和以色列人爭戰,擄了他們幾個人。
    [bbe] And it came to the ears of the Canaanite, the king of Arad, living in the South, that Israel was coming by the way of Atharim, and he came out against them and took some of them prisoners.

  2. [big5] 以色列人向耶和華發願說:你若將這民交付我手,我就把他們的城邑盡行毀滅。
    [bbe] Then Israel made an oath to the Lord, and said, If you will give up this people into my hands, then I will send complete destruction on all their towns.

  3. [big5] 耶和華應允了以色列人,把迦南人交付他們,他們就把迦南人和迦南人的城邑盡行毀滅。那地方的名便叫何珥瑪(何珥瑪就是毀滅的意思)。
    [bbe] And the Lord, in answer to the voice of Israel, gave the Canaanites up to them; and they put them and their towns completely to destruction: and that place was named Hormah.

  4. [big5] 他們從何珥山起行,往紅海那條路走,要繞過以東地。百姓因這路難行,中甚是煩躁,
    [bbe] Then they went on from Mount Hor by the way to the Red Sea, going round the land of Edom: and the spirit of the people was overcome with weariness on the way.

  5. [big5] 就怨讟神和摩西說:你們為什麼把我們從埃及領出來、使我們死在曠野呢?這裡沒有糧,沒有水,我們的厭惡這淡薄的食物。
    [bbe] And crying out against God and against Moses, they said, Why have you taken us out of Egypt to come to our death in the waste land? For there is no bread and no water, and this poor bread is disgusting to us.

  6. [big5] 於是耶和華使火蛇進入百姓中間,蛇就咬他們。以色列人中死了許多。
    [bbe] Then the Lord sent poison-snakes among the people; and their bites were a cause of death to numbers of the people of Israel.

  7. [big5] 百姓到摩西那裡,說:我們怨讟耶和華和你,有罪了。求你禱告耶和華,叫這些蛇離開我們。於是摩西為百姓禱告。
    [bbe] Then the people came to Moses and said, We have done wrong in crying out against the Lord and against you: make prayer to the Lord to take away the snakes from us. So Moses made prayer for the people.

  8. [big5] 耶和華對摩西說:你製造一條火蛇,掛在杆子上;凡被咬的,一望這蛇,就必得活。
    [bbe] And the Lord said to Moses, Make an image of a snake and put it on a rod, and anyone who has been wounded by the snakes, looking on it will be made well.

  9. [big5] 摩西便製造一條銅蛇,掛在杆子上;凡被蛇咬的,一望這銅蛇就活了。
    [bbe] So Moses made a snake of brass and put it on a rod; and anyone who had a snakebite, after looking on the snake of brass, was made well.

  10. [big5] 以色列人起行,安營在阿伯。
    [bbe] Then the children of Israel went on and put up their tents in Oboth.

  11. [big5] 又從阿伯起行,安營在以耶亞巴琳,與摩押相對的曠野,向日出之地。
    [bbe] And journeying on again from Oboth, they put up their tents in Iye-abarim, in the waste land before Moab looking east.

  12. [big5] 從那裡起行,安營在撒烈谷。
    [bbe] And moving on from there, they put up their tents in the valley of Zered.

  13. [big5] 從那裡起行,安營在亞嫩河那邊。這亞嫩河是在曠野,從亞摩利的境界流出來的;原來亞嫩河是摩押的邊界,在摩押和亞摩利人搭界的地方。
    [bbe] From there they went on and put up their tents on the other side of the Arnon, which is on the waste land at the edge of the land of the Amorites; for the Arnon is the line of division between Moab and the Amorites:

  14. [big5] 所以耶和華的戰記上說:蘇法的哇哈伯與亞嫩河的谷,
    [bbe] As it says in the book of the Wars of the Lord, Vaheb in Suphah, and the valley of the Amon;

  15. [big5] 並向亞珥城眾谷的下坡,是靠近摩押的境界。
    [bbe] The slope of the valleys going down to the tents of Ar and touching the edge of Moab.

  16. [big5] 以色列人從那裡起行,到了比珥(比珥就是井的意思)。從前耶和華吩咐摩西說:招聚百姓,我好給他們水喝,說的就是這井。
    [bbe] From there they went on to Beer, the water-spring of which the Lord said to Moses, Make the people come together and I will give them water.

  17. [big5] 當時,以色列人唱歌說:井啊,湧上水來!你們要向這井歌唱。
    [bbe] Then Israel gave voice to this song: Come up, O water-spring, let us make a song to it:

  18. [big5] 這井是首領和民中的尊貴人用圭用杖所挖所掘的。以色列人從曠野往瑪他拿去,
    [bbe] The fountain made by the chiefs, made deep by the great ones of the people, with the law-givers' rod, and with their sticks. Then from the waste land they went on to Mattanah:

  19. [big5] 從瑪他拿到拿哈列,從拿哈列到巴末,
    [bbe] And from Mattanah to Nahaliel: and from Nahaliel to Bamoth:

  20. [big5] 從巴末到摩押地的谷,又到那下望曠野之毘斯迦的山頂。
    [bbe] And from Bamoth to the valley in the open country of Moab, and to the top of Pisgah looking over Jeshimon.

  21. [big5] 以色列人差遣使者去見亞摩利人的王西宏,說:
    [bbe] And Israel sent men to Sihon, king of the Amorites, saying,

  22. [big5] 求你容我們從你的地經過;我們不偏入田間和葡萄園,也不喝井裡的水,只走大道(原文作王道),直到過了你的境界。
    [bbe] Let me go through your land: we will not go into field or vine-garden, or take the water of the springs; we will go by the highway till we have gone past the limits of your land.

  23. [big5] 西宏不容以色列人從他的境界經過,就招聚他的眾民出到曠野,要攻擊以色列人,到了雅雜與以色列人爭戰。
    [bbe] And Sihon would not let Israel go through his land; but got all his people together and went out against Israel into the waste land, as far as Jahaz, to make war on Israel.

  24. [big5] 以色列人用刀殺了他,得了他的地,從亞嫩河到雅博河,直到亞捫人的境界,因為亞捫人的境界多有堅壘。
    [bbe] But Israel overcame him, and took all his land from the Arnon to the Jabbok, as far as the country of the children of Ammon, for the country of the children of Ammon was strongly armed.

  25. [big5] 以色列人奪取這一切的城邑,也住亞摩利人的城邑,就是希實本與希實本的一切鄉村。
    [bbe] And Israel took all their towns, living in Heshbon and all the towns and small places of the Amorites.

  26. [big5] 這希實本是亞摩利王西宏的京城;西宏曾與摩押的先王爭戰,從他手中奪取了全地,直到亞嫩河。
    [bbe] For Heshbon was the town of Sihon, king of the Amorites, who had made war against an earlier king of Moab and taken from him all his land as far as the Arnon.

  27. [big5] 所以那些作詩歌的說:你們來到希實本;願西宏的城被修造,被建立。
    [bbe] So the makers of wise sayings say, Come to Heshbon, building up the town of Sihon and making it strong:

  28. [big5] 因為有火從希實本發出,有火焰出於西宏的城,燒盡摩押的亞珥和亞嫩河邱壇的祭司(祭司原文作主)。
    [bbe] For a fire has gone out of Heshbon, a flame from the town of Sihon: for the destruction of Ar in Moab, and the lords of the high places of the Arnon.

  29. [big5] 摩押啊,你有禍了!基抹的民哪,你們滅亡了!基抹的男子逃奔,女子被擄,交付亞摩利的王西宏。
    [bbe] Sorrow is yours, O Moab! Destruction is your fate, O people of Chemosh: his sons have gone in flight, and his daughters are prisoners, in the hands of Sihon, king of the Amorites.

  30. [big5] 我們射了他們;希實本直到底本盡皆毀滅。我們使地變成荒場,直到挪法;這挪法直延到米底巴。
    [bbe] They are wounded with our arrows; destruction has come on Heshbon, even to Dibon; and we have made the land waste as far as Nophah, stretching out to Medeba.

  31. [big5] 這樣,以色列人就住在亞摩利人之地。
    [bbe] So Israel put up their tents in the land of the Amorites.

  32. [big5] 摩西打發人去窺探雅謝,以色列人就佔了雅謝的鎮市,趕出那裡的亞摩利人。
    [bbe] And Moses sent men secretly to Jazer, and they took its towns, driving out the Amorites who were living there.

  33. [big5] 以色列人轉回,向巴珊去。巴珊王噩和他的眾民都出來,在以得來與他們交戰。
    [bbe] Then turning they went up by the way of Bashan; and Og, king of Bashan, went out against them with all his people, to the fight at Edrei.

  34. [big5] 耶和華對摩西說:不要怕他!因我已將他和他的眾民,並他的地,都交在你手中;你要待他像從前待住希實本的亞摩利王西宏一般。
    [bbe] And the Lord said to Moses, Have no fear of him: for I have given him up into your hands, with all his people and his land; do to him as you did to Sihon, king of the Amorites, at Heshbon.

  35. [big5] 於是他們殺了他和他的眾子,並他的眾民,沒有留下一個,就得了他的地。
    [bbe] So they overcame him and his sons and his people, driving them all out: and they took his land for their heritage.

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